Components to make an Adjustable Stay Assembly include the following:

  1. Concrete Fence Post (Choose from FP code range)
  2. Concrete Strainer Post (Choose from SP code range)
  3. Galvanized Stay Pipe or Rail (AC02 – 3m length)
  4. Strainer Bracket Set (BK170.RND)
  5. Concrete Stay Pad with Brace Plate (AC06)
  6. M12 Galvanized Threaded Rod (AC05)

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If you want a corner stay with change in direction , use these components

  1. Rail Support Bracket (BK000.RND)
  2. Direction Change Bracket (BK170.DIR)
  3. 3mt Stay Rail (AC02)
  4. M12 Threaded Rod (AC05)
  5. Concrete Stay Pad with Brace Plate (AC06)

To swing a gate at 90 degrees from the Strainer post use a Gate Kit (AC04) to easily attach the Strainer post.

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