Australian Concrete Posts 6 Point Rock Solid Guarantee

 1. Australian Concrete Posts Guarantee

We Guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our service and products.
We guarantee that you are completely satisfied with our products.

2. We Guarantee superior workmanship and take pride in quality of our products

Our team of highly trained technicians take pride in our brand. We understand that quality control is key and will assure that all steps to the process are undertaken properly.

 3. We Guarantee Consistency

We will always have a consistent production that will supply the market and be on time with orders, and if something arises we will contact you to keep you informed.

4. We Guarantee No Hidden Costs

We will always provide you with a detailed quote for our products so there are no hidden extras and if anything extra is needed a price will be agreed upon before going ahead with fulfilling an order.

5. We Guarantee a Warranty on the Product and Workmanship

We guarantee that all our concrete fence posts and strainers have a lifetime warranty against Termites, Wood Rot and Fire.

 6. We Guarantee to Provide Value

We will go above and beyond to provide great value for money and outstanding concrete fencing products. We love nothing more than adding value to your property and providing a product that we can be really proud of.

Superior Fencing Products and Long-Term Solutions

Australian Concrete Posts don’t just develop and manufacture superior concrete fencing products, we provide solutions.

Australian Concrete Posts is the brand that can be trusted to not let you down. We are building our reputation by developing innovative products to meet the needs of rural farming  and fencing for property owners. Quality raw materials and a proven manufacturing process are the reasons why a Australian Concrete Posts [ACP] fence is a great investment.

Our value is measured not in terms of price, but the benefits of long-lasting performance, ease of handling and savings on labour and maintenance costs.