Australian Concrete Posts are proud to say they use major concrete suppliers to ensure that the mix is tested and recorded regularly by an independent testing laboratory. This ensures that there is accountability for all of the concrete components used, right from the excavation stage through to batch manufacturing and delivery.
Concrete is produced using the highest quality local materials enabling strengths up to 50 MPA for use in all our products – that’s 3 times stronger than normal concrete!
High compressive strength concrete (50 mPa) and precise pre-tensioning of the reinforcing wire system ensures that the posts have enough strength to resist all test loads applied.

For some manufacturers the quality of the concrete is often inconsistent and certainly not verified, when it’s produced onsite by their own batch plant. This leaves production prone to errors depending on who’s mixing the batch of concrete on the day!

Further, some concrete fence suppliers and manufacturers have no independent controls in place to assure that inconsistencies are not overlooked during production.

Another good reason to choose ACP as your concrete fence post supplier, as every batch is recorded regularly by an independent testing laboratory.


This level of quality assurance and accountability is required to meet RMS Specifications and Australian Concrete Posts P/L comply with these stringent guidelines. All concrete products from ACP are compliant with this high standard.

Richard Mould describes his experience;

“For over 21 years, my building company built homes for local families and investors in Northern NSW. I understand the importance of supplying excellent quality products at the highest standard to customers. If it’s not good enough for my own high standards, there is no way I will supply it to someone else.”

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