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Thank you for your interest in our concrete fence posts.

Click on this link to download the pdf of Wholesale price list.

Most of the info is on the website.

We’re just following up on your interest in our concrete fence post systems.

This email will give you an introduction to our products at Australian Concrete Posts Pty Ltd [ACP].

As a retailer on the forefront of new innovations in agricultural practises and products we know you will appreciate the [ACP] Concrete Fence System as a great alternative and see the win-win scenario for both yourself as retailer and the people on the land.

[ACP] prestressed concrete fence posts and strainers are driveable, strength tested and quality assured, plus engineer certified.

The benefits of standard concrete posts are well known – concrete posts are termite, fire and rot resistant. However, your customers will appreciate the fact that [ACP] posts have extra features that make them easy to sell and great value for money.

A few reasons to stock [ACP] concrete posts in your store are listed below;

Reliable Supply

At our factory in Northern NSW, we manufacture 900 posts a day – and supply throughout QLD and NSW. There is stock ready for delivery.

Strong and Durable.

All [ACP] posts are prestressed and made with a certified 40MPA concrete mix.  That’s two times stronger than regular house slab concrete.

Every [ACP] fence post has two strands of high tensile high carbon prestressed Australian Made wire. The [ACP] Strainer posts contain four strands. The design and shape of the post ensures that there is maximum coverage of the prestressed wire. This contributes to the strength of the post.


The concrete posts are strong and designed to be used with a Post Driver after drilling a 3 to 4-inch pilot hole. We encourage you to visit our website at and links below to view the demonstration of how easy they are to drive in with a standard tractor or hydraulic post driver.

Refer to Product Handling Guides and Videos – see links below.

Pulling Wire

Pulling barbed wire through the posts is demonstrated using video and also in the Product Handling Guides. The video demonstrates how the concrete posts withstand heavy gauge IOWA wire and also the recommended method to thread the wire.

Refer to Product Handling Guides and Videos – see links below.

Easy End Strainer Assemblies

Our patented bracket system makes it super easy to put the whole End Strainer Assemblies together using only a spanner.

Our posts are not only for fences, but also products that will build stockyards, feedlots, orchard netting support and trellis’s, and our bracket system makes post and rail fencing super quick and easy too!

Aesthetic and practical.

The clean and smooth finish makes the posts easy to handle. They look great, both in your store and in the paddock!

Predrilled holes are uniform in position, size and shape – they will fit any standard wire configuration and tensioning system on the market.

Strainers and fence posts are available in various sizes and hole configurations.

Refer to the Post Specification Drawings – See links below

They Sell Themselves

[ACP] have invested in good marketing strategies and customer support. We know that once the farmers and fencing contractors handle and use the [ACP] post, they spread the word. The first order is usually followed up with bigger orders when they see for themselves the benefits and how easy they are to handle. They will save time and money, with no need for drilling holes or replacing rotten posts. Building a fence with concrete posts is building an asset on their property.

Retailers who are doing well with our product also see the bigger picture. When they deliver the fence posts, they have a unique opportunity to sell and deliver other essentials to the property. Essentials like, fencing wire, gates, water tanks, fertiliser, feed etc.

Simply by changing the type of fence post used, the benefits to the farmer includes;

  • A post that will outlast the timber post that’s often eaten by termites or ants
  • A post that will outlast the steel posts that rust and corrode
  • Save time and equipment when they don’t need to split or pre drill holes in the post
  • Save money when they won’t have to replace rotted, burnt or split posts and re-thread wire in several years’ time.

Best Selling Posts in NSW & QLD

The following posts have proven to be best sellers in NSW market.

  • FP01 – 130mm 1.9m (6.4ft) 5 Barb Hole Fence Post
  • FP03 – 130mm 2.15m (7ft) 5 Barb Hole Fence Post
  • FP04 – 130mm 2.2m (7.2ft) 4 Barb Hole Fence Post

Refer to the Wholesale Price List for current pricing.

Freight and Delivery

[ACP] posts are strapped and sold in bundles of 30 Fence Posts and bundles of 6 Strainer Posts.

When [ACP] receive an order, we can estimate the freight costs based on size of load. An accurate price for freight can be quoted. We will require details of

(a) Which posts? (b) How many? (c) Delivery address?

We will also require a forklift at destination to offload the truck.

Refer to the Product Handling Guide – Handling & Transportation

Marketing and Advertising

The key to [ACP] success is not only the quality product, but also informing and educating our customers about the products and their benefits.

[ACP] use our websites as a primary strategy and method of passing on information. The main website is and this is the best place for you to find current product codes and prices and information about our products. We also own Queensland Concrete Fence Posts

Your Store Listed Online

The stockists page on our websites is where we offer the opportunity for you to list your store and staff. We ask that, where possible, you reciprocate with also linking to our website and products in your online presence.

Email to submit your store details for listing on our website.

[ACP] also use social media as a marketing strategy. By forwarding any pics of your store, customers or stories of interest and by interacting with our social media will benefit both of our businesses.

For retailers we offer a lot of support material in the form of leaflets and info brochures. You can stamp your store information on the leaflets. As well as the website to refer your customers to. All these will assist you with your sales and queries.

We’re a small company and can respond very quickly to the market, as well as resolve any issues straight up. Please let us know if you have issues with our products so we can address them promptly.

Television Commercials

Our main market is to QLD and we run TV commercials into several regional TV networks. Let us know when you have more query into your store as the awareness grows.

Field Days

Every year we attend and promote the posts, using several marketing strategies. We annually attend Toowoomba FARMFEST, Casino PRIMEX, Emerald AGROW, as well as several local Beef Conferences and Local Agricultural Shows and field days. If you have field days in your area, please let us know. [ACP] will support you featuring our products in any way that’s practical and cost effective.

Sales Training

[ACP] has a team of experienced sales and marketing personnel. Experts in both digital and retail marketing. We have developed support material and communications to address any issues, concerns and hesitations to convert your customers to concrete posts. We are keen to support any affiliate marketing campaigns when practical and required.

[ACP] National Sales Manager, Doug Leadbeatter, has many decades of experience in fencing and the Agricultural industries, both at a retail and on-the-ground, first-hand experience. Doug can train your staff in techniques that will maximise the sales of fence posts and ways to communicate the benefits of [ACP] posts to your customers.

It’s rare that a single product can revolutionise the way things are done in agricultural practises. [ACP] is just a simple improvement of the fence post itself, nothing complicated! We invite you to let us know if you require any more information or for a quotation for delivery of [ACP] posts to your store.

Thank you for your time.

If you’d like some corflutes for your store and to display in the area, contact us, we can design a corflute with your store as the contact. Here’s an example below.

NEW – Ask us about residential “No Rot” Concrete Fence Posts for homes and gardens… check out the new site and product line. available exclusively through retail outlets.