Being fire resistant, rot and termite resistant, ACP fence concrete posts are a great alternative to traditional timber and steel fence posts. The concrete post is strong and durable consisting of two prestressed reinforcing strands and 40MPA concrete. With pre made holes for barb wire and plain wire or stock mesh.

  • Manufactured using 40 MPA concrete with two reinforcing strands
  • Manufactured in several sizes.
  • Wire hole pattern similar to standard steel pickets
  • Shape uniformity makes them easy to install

Several versions of the fence post are available.

130mm Posts

  • FP01 – 1.9mt (6.4ft) with 5x30mm & 10x10mm Holes Concrete Fence Post
    1900 x 130 x 70/60mm
  • FP03 – 2.15mt (7ft) with 5x30mm & 10x10mm Holes Concrete Fence Post
    2150 x 130 x 70/60mm
  • FP04 – 2.2m (7.2ft) with 4x30mm & 1x10mm Holes Concrete Fence Post
    2200 x 130 x 70/60mm

110mm Concrete Posts

  • FP21 – 1.9mt (6.4ft) Notched Replacement Post
    1900 x 110 x 70/55mm
  • FP22 – 2.2mt (7.2ft) with 4x30mm & 1x10mm Hole Concrete Fence Post
    2200 x 110 x 70/55mm
  • FP25 – 2.4mt (8ft) 10 x 13mm Hole Concrete Fence Post
    2400 x 110 x 70/55mm
  • FP26 – 3mt (10ft) 12 x 13mm Hole Concrete Fence Post
    3000 x 110 x 70/55mm

FP01 – 130 x 1900mm (6.4ft) from $14.20 each (ex GST)
FP03 – 130 x 2150mm (7ft) from $15.20 each (ex GST)
FP04 – 130 x 2200mm (7.2ft) from $15.20 each (ex GST)
FP22 – 110 x 2200 (7.2ft) From $14.20 each (ex GST)
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ACP Strainer Posts have been uniquely designed to be used in conjunction with ACP Fence Posts – being easy to install, and uniformly manufactured means less tools required for erection.

They have smooth surfaces to lessen impact on your livestock.

With pre-made holes for gate brackets and wire.
Suitable for orchard netting, stockyards and feedlots as well as orchard netting systems.

  • Holes pre-made to easily attach gate latches and brackets
  • Fire, weather and termite resistant
  • Able to be removed and reused.

Manufactured in several sizes using 40 MPA Concrete with four reinforcing strands.

  • SP01 – 2150mm (7ft) with 5x30mm & 5x16mm Hole Concrete Strainer Post
    2150 x 170 x 135/125 mm 106kg
  • SP02 – 2400mm (8ft) 10x16mm Hole Concrete Strainer Post
    2400 x 170 x 135/125mm 119kg
  • SP04 – 3000mm (10ft) 11x16mm Hole Concrete Strainer Post
    3000 x 170 x 135/125mm 148kg
  • SP07 – 6000mm (20ft) 22x16mm Hole Concrete Strainer Post
    6000 x 170 x 135/125mm 300kg


SP01 – 2150mm (7ft) from $39 each (ex GST)
SP02 – 2400mm (8ft) from $43 each (ex GST)

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Australian Concrete Posts now have a BROWN coloured concrete Fence Post and Strainer Post.

The Concrete Stay Pad is available in BROWN.