Why Choose Prestressed Concrete?

Prestressed Concrete Posts have been used in Europe for many years, but are quite new in Australia.

They’re smooth and consistent in appearance, good strength and durability with resistance to traditional threats such as fire, termites and rot. ACP concrete posts are a great alternative to traditional timber and steel fence posts. The fence post is strong and durable consisting of two tendons and prestressed 50MPA concrete.

Concrete Posts are very cost effective in comparison to traditional timber posts. Check out our Timber Vs Concrete Table to see why Concrete Fences are the smartest alternative for every fence.

At ACP, all posts are manufactured in accordance with strict quality procedures to ensure consistent strength and durability.

All posts are simple and easy to use. Easily driven in using a standard post driver. They’re also easy to handle.

The posts will meet all your requirements for fencing. Consistent hole spacings will match all normal fencing requirements – from electric fencing to barbed wire, plain wire and netting fences.